Another snow storm

Another snow storm

So it’s snowing again. This photo was taken when it first started this morning. We’re at 4 inches now at 4 PM and it’s still coming down hard. I am so sick of this weather.

I got the donkeys ready and the farrier came out today. We trimmed their hooves in a blizzard. She’s going to Mexico tomorrow so is more cheerful than I am.

Then I collected the does that are due in a month and placed them in a separate pen so I can feed them extra. Then I put the halter, lead and training pack on the llama and took her for a walk in the snow.

Then I got to knock the snow off the pheasant netting to keep it from collapsing. We’ll need to do this every 1-2 hours while it’s snowing- looks like a fun night!

2007-01-11 15:18:28 GMT
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