Bunnies growing up

Bunnies growing up

Wednesday January 17th:Today the baby bunnies are big and furred enough to stay in the hutches with their mothers. I cleaned up the hutches as best I could and let the bunnies stay in there. They were outgrowing their cage on top of the dryer in the laundry room, and now we can do laundry much more easily. My husband and step-son appreciate the move.

I did some more llama training. We took the llama training back out back and brought some wood back with it. This is wood that was cut up from fallen branches after our many recent storms.

Speaking of storms, now it’s raining like crazy so the ice and snow are starting to melt and we’re starting to get a lot of standing water on our fields.. If it’s not one thin, it’s another!

2007-01-19 02:35:06 GMT
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