Rabbits going out, goat kids coming

Rabbits going out, goat kids coming
Today I managed to tattoo the ears of 15 bunnies. The first of the bunnies will be going to their new homes this weekend. I’m getting their paperwork ready and getting the visits of their new owners coordinated

I’m also getting things ready for goat kids due starting February 10th. The does are in a separate pen being fed extra grain. I’ve wormed them, trimmed their hooves and am starting coccidiosis prevention medication.

The donkey Olivia has gone lame again- probably from another hoof abscess. I’ve been soaking her foot, cleaning it and trying to find the abscess. Today I gave her an antibiotic shot.

I attempted llama pack training again today. I tried to put a load on top of the pack but didn’t secure it well and it fell, pulling the training pack down too and freaking out the llama, Winona. She ran, jumped, kicked and spit at me. I settled her down and got things situated, but it wasn’t good experience for either of us.

2007-02-01 01:40:56 GMT
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