Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
Today two more of the bunnies will go to a new home- this is one of them. I’ve moved them to a new pen to wean them and brushed them. It’s sad to see them go, but they are much appreciated by their new owners, and I can’t keep them here.

There’s a rainstorm coming in today so I tried to get ready. I’m still under the weather (!) from a recent flu so don’t have a lot of energy for projects recently. I did manage to clean out one ditch from hay that had collected in, it but that was the limit.

The goats and cow are still pregnant- no babies yet. We have the barn monitor on and are doing barn checks, trying to be patient.

Tom built a cow shelter this last weekend with the help of my paid stepson. It was built using leftover wood and tin from the previous owners, old telephone poles from my father-in-law, and garage doors donated by a coworker of mine. It looks quite sturdy and should last a long time. Hopefully the cow will have the sense to bring the calf in there during storms.

2007-02-14 20:12:39 GMT
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