Pregnant ewes

Pregnant ewes
Today I moved the 8 pregnant ewes into a separate pen (where the hay used to be) to feed them extra hay and grain. It was a task because I had to enclose them in the barn, catch them and then squeeze them through a small opening in the fence corner when they really didn’t want to cooperate. The weather’s too cold to start shearing them (or at least a good excuse to procrastinate) so I’ll start shearing them next week.

I moved the rabbits into a pen that I fixed up for them last weekend. I put fencing down on the ground to hopefully keep them from digging out and then laid straw over it. They had to get reacquainted so we’ll see how that goes. I kept the two Satin Angora bunnies still not picked up in a hutch. We moved the melanistic mutant pheasants into the feed shed where the rabbits had been. We’re hoping to get melanistic mutant, jumbo ringneck and red golden-ringneck cross eggs this spring to produce more pheasant chicks.

Gertie, our bottle fed kid, is back in with the goats. She’s in a pen with two does and their 4 kids, and she’s sneaking milk when she can. We catch one of the does twice a day to let her supplement what she can steal. I feel sorry for her not having a real mother to feed her, but she gets to cuddle and play with the other kids, and she’s getting good fresh goat milk. It’s much better than living in the house and Tom’s office. I’m updating the photos of the kids on the web pages today at and

2007-02-28 22:22:28 GMT
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