Lambing finally started on Monday afternoon with our ewe Sadie giving birth twin brown lambs- a ewe and a ram lamb. We’re are calling them Amanda and Aries. They all three are doing great. No other lambs yet, but we’re trying to be patient.

Today I gave shots and coccidiosis medication to the 11 goat kids. They weren’t too thrilled about either.

I also got most of this year’s fleeces packaged and mailed. One sold, eight are going to the Spring Puyallup Fair and eight are being sent to Z-wool for processing into roving. The white and black roving I’ll keep for myself to spin into yarn. The brown and grey I’ll put up for sale (as I already have some left over from last year).

Then I ran around buying feed and wood pellets for our house- 17 50# bags in all. I drove home and unloaded them all into the barn, the feed shed, the pump house (where we keep the dog and cat food), and the back porch (where we keep the wood pellets. A long day for me.

2007-04-05 03:20:45 GMT
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  1. Krista M says:

    Do you have a wait list yet? You know how much I love these and how much Steve would kill me! I want, I want…really do want some girls this year!

    • Hi Krista,

      I am moving posts from my old blog that is likely going to be deleted by Yahoo soon to my new blog. So these are posts from 2007 (I am not sure if you realized this). I do not have a waiting list for this year’s lambs yet. let me know if you are interested and you’ll be the first on it!

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