Waiting for lambs but done shearing!

Waiting for lambs but done shearing!
I’ve been on “vacation” this week so I’ve finished shearing our 29 sheep on Wednesday. I’m bruised and battered and sore, but I have many bags of wool to show for it. Because of our awful winter and our sheep’s refusal to use their shelters some of the wool is pretty weathered and a few were felted, but we still have some very nice fleeces. Thursday I spend the day picking, skirting, weighing, sorting, and photographing the fleeces. I’ve entered 8 fleeces in the Spring Puyallup Fair (at the Shepherd’s Extravaganza). I picked out 2 fleeces for myself and then 8 fleeces for the fair. The remaining good fleeces I’ll sell or have made into rovings and then sell.

I’ve also been waiting for lambs. They were supposed to start lambing on Monday so every 1-4 hours I’ve been checking on them since Sunday evening. Just a bunch on fat ewes chewing on their cud, sleep or eating- no lambs yet- at least not outside. Several of the ewes look like they are about to pop they are so big.

My mother and step-father very thoughtfully bought a gift card for me for Christmas for a massage at a fancy spa in Seattle. My mother told me it was for when the sheep shearing was done. What a great idea! So Saturday morning I have my 2 hour appointment for a massage, manicure and complimentary Swiss shower (whatever that is). I’m not sure this fancy spa has ever seen a sheep shearer before, but this shepherdess is really going to appreciate it!

2007-03-30 15:56:18 GMT
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Donna, Congratulations on finishing shearing! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Shepherd’s Extravaganza.

2007-03-31 17:26:17 GMT


Maybe I’ll get to meet you at Shepherds Extravaganza. I’m sending my four fleeces north on Thursday with someone, but hope to drive up for the Shetland fleece judging to get an education. 🙂

Enjoy your massage; I’d LOVE one!
–Michelle at Boulderneigh

2007-04-01 14:58:33 GMT

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