Lambings done!

Lambings done!
Lambing’s all done this morning and with a bang. Our last pregnant ewe produced two beautiful ewe lambs this morning- each with katmoget markings! One is black and the other brown (moorit). I pulled the first one and the second one was delivered easily. The ewe doesn’t know quite what to do. She did manage to lick the second one and nurse the first one. We’re still working on getting the second one to nurse. I sure don’t want a bottle lamb! I think everything’s going to work out well though.

Now we can turn off the baby/barn monitor and turn off the 2 AM alarm clock! We can finally sleep through the night!

2007-04-23 16:58:50 GMT
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So nice to meet you in person at SE, Donna! Glad to hear lambing is over and you can get some sleep. I’m still recuperating from my long day Friday after just five hours’ sleep. I watched your lambing video; reminded me a bit too much of my own labor five and a half years ago — only Monette pushed her baby out much faster than I did! Glad my girls have delivered when I wasn’t watching, because it would be really hard to resist “helping” when you see them that uncomfortable.
–Michelle at Boulderneigh

2007-04-23 18:23:10 GMT


It is hard to watch- a lot of the videos of lambing on youtube show people “helping”. Most of the time it’s not necessary and may be harmful. I thought a video of an unassisted lambing might be helpful.

Nice to meet you in person as well.

2007-05-07 17:59:31 GMT

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