Getting the kids ready

Getting the kids ready

Now is the time of year where I get the kids ready to move to their new homes- kind of bittersweet. I tattooed all the kids today and made sure they were OK. I’m giving them one last coccidiosis treatment. When their owners come to get them (starting this weekend) I’ll worm them and trim their hooves.

I also planted 25 asparagus plants today. With all the focus on the young animals I haven’t mentioned the garden. I planted the onion and peas in one bed in March and they’re coming up nicely. I planted the lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, radishes, parsnips and beets in another bed. I’m also planting carrots in oak barrels this year. Then I planted a bed of potatoes. I started the squash in a greenhouse type window as well. I still have to do the corn, beans, carrots, herbs, broccoli and cauliflower when the weather warms up.

2007-04-25 22:32:48 GMT
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Did all the fleeces you took to the fair sell, or might we see any listed on your fiber page?

Denise Mor

–Denise Mor

2007-04-26 02:14:08 GMT


As of May 7th, Reubens’ is the only fleece that hasn’t sold.

2007-05-07 17:50:07 GMT

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