We managed to take a week’s vacation with help from our friend Jerry who looked after our critters while we were gone. The day we came back at noon I mowed our very large front and back yards (which were knee high), weeded the horribly overgrown garden and then we noticed our neighbor baling hay. So we went over there and arranged to buy 8 tons of hay. He brought it over for us to the barn on a hay wagon and left it for us to unload. So after I was already really tired I got to help stack 8 tons of hay into the barn. The barn is now full. We’ll get 8 more tons later this month and place it in the other barn and then we’ll be ready for winter. Quite a welcome back from our vacation!
2007-07-13 05:09:18 GMT
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Poor Donna – there is no rest for the wicked, as they say, huh? John is finally over his pneumonia – but he pushed pretty hard today – we drove that black ewe we just bought from Kim back to their farm – she had some kind of abdominal hernia and would not have been able to be bred. Didn’t notice it until Marsha sheared her two weeks ago. So sad, she was a nice little girl too.

Hope your teeth are better. T.
–Tina T-P

2007-07-22 06:53:12 GMT


That so sad about your ewe! It sounds like Kim took it back which was nice. I hope you find a good replacement for her. Both of you stay healthy!

2007-07-27 14:22:09 GMT

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