Overgrown garden because of a tooth

Overgrown garden because of a tooth
The Wednesday before last I was terribly busy getting donkey and goat hooves trimmed and doing animal chores. I didn’t go any garden work. I was planning on doing it this last Wednesday.

Then last weekend I got a cold, but I also got a tooth ache in my right lower wisdom tooth that had never quite erupted. I have been told to have them removed, but I didn’t first because I was too busy with my education and then because I didn’t have dental insurance and they weren’t bothering me. Well anyway…bad decision. By Monday it was hurting quite a bit. I saw my dentist who thought it should be removed, but since it was infected wanted me to use antibiotics and ibuprofen in high doses first. They scheduled the removal for mid-August!

By Tuesday afternoon I was in a lot of pain, and my face was swelling up. Tuesday evening at 9 PM- bless their hearts- my dentists took out the tooth even though they were leaving the next morning for a week long conference. So Wednesday I was hurting and in no condition to garden. Since then I’ve been feeling ill- I’m not sure if it’s from the tooth pain, the jaw infection, the nasty cold or the lousy ice cream laden diet I’ve been eating (or a combination).

Tom (bless his heart) has been running around doing errands and all the animal chore, but the garden is an overgrown mess. I guess animals take precedence over plants in this world. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because of the lingering pain, but I may try to sit in a chair and weed. With the rain we’ve been having the slugs are having a hay day, but I hope they are eating some weed along with the veggies.

2007-06-30 14:57:56 GMT
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