Last day of September and it’s a doozy

Last day of September and it’s a doozy
OK- this first paragraph is going to contain some more whining so you can skip it if you’d like. We had a hell of a last winter with rain, snow and wind with plenty of damage to our place. The summer was fairly cloudy (especially the weekends). We did manage a trip to California to find some sunshine but now here again it’s very stormy- blustery and raining with unseasonably cold temperatures (as the weather guy would say). I think we are more or less physically prepared for winter with the barn mostly prepared and hay ready, but emotionally I am not prepared to deal with another crappy winter. OK- whining over- back to the farming blog.

Yesterday we sold Moni to John Park. She’s a sweet little black lamb with some white spots and a long gorgeous fleece. She’s also the lamb that humiliated me twice at the Puyallup Fair with her flopping like she was dead in the saw dust. She’s otherwise a really nice pretty lamb so I will miss her.

We also loaded up the Red Angus-Hereford cross cow of my brother-in-law’s that was being bred to our Dexter cow this last month. She wasn’t very cooperative. I was giving a farm tour at the time to a nice couple, and we kept seeing my husband and David chasing this cow around- once with a lasso around her neck and also watched her jump a fence. It was fairly entertaining to watch while we were safely standing in a field of sheep. My father-in-law said it was better than a rodeo. They finally got her safely loaded into our trailer though.

We also have our Highland cow Dana. She developed a pink eye infection last week. The vet came out, and we were able to inject antibiotic into all of our cattle except Hana (who will be butchered next month) and Dana who we couldn’t catch for nothing. She’s usually fairly well behave so it may be the pain of the eye infection, but she wasn’t cooperating at all. We tried again yesterday with David’s help, and she fairly easily walked into one of our pens where we were able to give the injections- Thanks David!

Now we are expecting her to calf in a week. Hopefully the infection will be treated well enough not to give it to her calf. I am also breeding two Satin Angora rabbits this weekend and plan to put the goats together for breeding on Wednesday. So the cycle of breeding and birth continues…

2007-09-30 17:07:01 GMT
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