Cider pressing day

Cider pressing day

Today was cider pressing day! We had to get the equipment ready and cleaned and picked the last of the ripe apples in our orchard. There are still 2 trees with a lot of not quite ripe apples so there will probably one more apple pressing. We also had picked a bunch of apples and crabapples from our place and traded asian pears for apples and crabapples from Franna. We rinsed all the apples and peeled the ones from Franna (since they appeared sprayed,) and we ground them all and pressed them for their juice. We ended up with about 12 gallons of cider in three 5-gallon carboys (after a long day!). After we watched the Seahawks humiliate themselves on national TV we added yeast nutrient, sugar (Tom had to run to the nearest gas station to buy some), and the yeast. The air locks are one- let the fermenting begin!
2007-10-15 14:24:51 GMT
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Oh, yum! Our apples and pears are still sitting on the porch awaiting squeezing. Sorry that you didn’t get the message that the white stuff on the apples was kaolin – clay – to help prevent sunburn. They’re not organic, but shouldn’t have anything bad on them!
– Franna

2007-10-17 00:40:58 GMT


Wow- that was a lot of work peeling those apples. The cider is fermenting like crazy. We have way more than ever before and we’ll be pressing again. The crabapples were starting to go bad so if you kept some for yourself you may want to freeze them to keep them from going bad.

2007-10-17 01:21:38 GMT

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