Tribute to Swirl

Tribute to Swirl
This is a tribute to our llama, Swirl. She was born September 27th, 1987, and we found that she had died last night of old age. I had purchased her in 1999 as a guard llama for my small (at that time) flock of sheep. She originally came from Pat Skelton, an excellent breeder and trainer of llamas. She was an excellent guard llama, always alert to strange happenings near the flock. She was easy to manage and when she was younger produced excellent brown-grey wool. I believe she died of old age as there was no evidence of injury, struggle, malnutrition or exposure. I hope she had a good life here on our farm with the sheep- I think she did.
2007-10-21 18:14:31 GMT
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Hail to Swirl. It’s difficult to lose such a large animal! Our Buster was half buried, half mounded when he went two winters ago.
– Franna
2007-10-25 18:25:21 GMT
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