Goat kids coming and going

Goat kids coming and going
Yesterday Dot Com finally had her twin kids- a buckskin doeling and a spotted buckskin buckling. We’re calling them Java and Yahoo. It looks like Cody impregnated her on his second escape rather than his first.

Today Sammy (now called Romeo) went to his new home. He’ll be a great breeding buck there. He was already showing a lot of interest in the other does in his pen. I had to get him and his sister tattooed and trimmed their hooves. He also finished his sulfa medication for coccidiosis so it was quite an eventful day for him.

After he left I proceeded to catch almost all of the rams and the wethers with them. Two ram lambs wouldn’t go through the mud to the barn though. I trimmed their butts and bellies, checked them for anemia, brushed their wool (with a Sweepa brush) and trimmed their hooves. I received my Nasalgen vaccine order today so Tom and I caught all the goats, sheep and cows we could to administer this nasal vaccine. I have found that it prevents pneumonia in our herds.

We are considering going on a month long trip this April or May. So we applied for our passports today at the post office. I was planning on putting my sheep in their breeding groups today, but I sure don’t want them to lamb if we are gone. So now I need to investigate when is the latest you can breed Shetland sheep- when they stopped cycling.

2007-11-15 02:48:10 GMT
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