Calf pulling

Calf pulling
We had plans to take it easy today and watch the Seahawks game today. At the start of the game we noticed that Dana, our pregnant Highland cow, had some bloody show and was holding her tail up so we were thinking she would deliver today. So we planned on doing hourly checks on her through the game. Then after half-time we noticed that she started to push, and there were feet showing. They seemed to be in good position, but she wasn’t making any progress. After watching for an hour we decided that we needed to intervene.

We chased her into a pen in the barn. Tom lassoed her and tied her horns to a post in the corner of the pen. We tried to pull the legs but were making minimal progress. We tried using a lamb puller but that broke. Then Tom put some twine around the calf’s legs, and I put my hand over the top of the head, and we managed to pull the calf out. It’s a black bull calf. Dana was untied and is currently licking it clean and dry.

We then put stuff away and let her alone with her calf. We came in to find out that it was a close game with a last minute goal line defensive stance, and the Seahawks won. From the little highlights we saw it looks like Leroy Hill was the hero of the game- defending a fourth and goal last second try by the Rams. So we are thinking about naming our new calf Leroy- in honor of the great game we missed.

2007-11-25 22:09:00 GMT
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