Sheep sex

Sheep sex
Today I got drag 5 unwilling ewes to be with their rams. The photo is of Lewis with Mona and Monette- he was supposed to be bred to Suzette- I grabbed the wrong sheep and she somehow lost her tag. Then I check the other grey ewe’s tag and it is Suzette. So tomorrow morning I will swap them- hopefully Monette isn’t bred tonight. Gwendolyn in here from John and Tina Parks getting bred too.

For Jocko (AKA Bitterroot Ansel) there’s Sheila, Wilma and Lily. It was very hard to decide who to breed this year since we didn’t want to breed as many as last year. I had to decide what my priorities are. So I decided to continue to try for mioget and spots and to continue the legacies of some of my first or older sheep- Lucy, Loki and Sheila. If I don’t pay attention to this, their genetics will be lost on my farm.

I also trimmed all the goats’ hooves (except three I couldn’t catch- Tom will help me catch these wild goats tomorrow). That’s 15 goats…or 60 hooves. So now my back hurts.

After that I had some time to organize my fiber studio a little. I put the fibers in order of the type of animal it comes from. I have fiber from llamas, alpacas, goats (cashmere, pygora, nigora, angora), rabbits (angora, fuzzy lop, jersey woolley), sheep (mostly shetland but also gotland, cotswold, suffolk, lincoln, merino), silk worms, and cotton and flax plants. There’s raw fiber, roving and batts.

All this plus trying to get ready for Christmas.

2007-12-13 02:16:59 GMT
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