Another sick day

Another sick day
Today, once again, I am ill. It’s another virus, but I don’t feel well. Tom kindly took the day off work to take care of things. He did the animal chores while I went to the doctor to confirm that it’s just a viral thing, and it will resolve. When I came home I did manage to bring the baby bunnies out to the hutch so they can stay there with their mother. I clean it up well, and their mother doesn’t seem too annoyed. They have more room this way, they should have enough angora wool to stay warm, and it’s a lot less work then collected them up and bringing them to their doe every morning. This is their first exploration of their new home.

Tom is now out to the feed store which we support well to get more feed to last through the holidays. I need to get presents wrapped and some bags packed as well.

Our internet auction is going quite well at:
When I last counted yesterday we had over $2000 in bids. Very amazing. Now we are planning another auction for January to support a different sheep farmer damaged by the same flood. It makes me feel so good this holiday season that so many people contributed to this…really heart-warming.

2007-12-19 22:32:31 GMT
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