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Slog & Blog
The above is a phrase coined by my husband this last week- it describes my Wednesdays particularly in the winter. I slog through the mud all day and then blog about it. The phrase should probably be “Slog then Blog”.

Today I did the usual animal chores (slogged) and then I carried a bunch of stuff from my old “fiber studio” in the trailer to the new “fiber studio” in the upstairs of our home. With my step-son moving out in June I finally cleaned and painted his old room and am now moving in! It’ll be so nice having my fiber stuff in the house where it is more accessible, and there is heat and light. I have my sewing machine, knitting machine, spinning wheels, drum carder, table loom, and felting supplies upstairs now as well as my stashes of small amounts of various animals’ fibers, rovings, and yarn. I can’t wait to get it organized. I’ll still keep my raw fleeces out in the trailer to dry and store. Now that Christmas is over I can do fiber stuff for me rather than for presents. So next I’ll selfishly pick out my next project!

2008-01-02 23:44:13 GMT

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Your new space sounds wonderful — and crowded! You have a LOT of fiber/crafty machines. Hope you get to use them frequently in 2008….

–Michelle at Boulderneigh


2008-01-03 04:56:51 GMT


I do need to find the time to use and enjoy my fibers and devices.


2008-01-07 05:16:28 GMT

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