Bamboo and kids

Bamboo and kids
Today I cleaned out the area of the barn where we had stored half of the winter’s hay. This involved picking up umpteen strands of baling twine, moving the loose hay that had escaped the bales and then moving the pallets the hay had been stacked on. I then grabbed our 4 hopefully pregnant goats, gave them CDT shots to boost their immunity, and moved them into their new clean digs. These does are due starting February 29 +/- 5 days. I bought a battery operated baby monitor to put out with them- I’ll have to get it set up soon. I’ll repeat their Corid dosing to keep coccidiosis under control. I just found out that my vet didn’t order the Multimin for goats yet. I had wanted to get this started to prevent any further problems with copper deficiency. So I’ll probably have to do another round of copper sulfate drenches until I can get the injected form.

After the doe roundup and lunch I dug up some bamboo from the orchard. It was planted by the previous owners and is crowding out one of our best apple trees. So periodically I dig some up and transplant it. Today I transplanted 5 plants into the pheasant pen and 5 more up on the hillside. It will hopefully provide some privacy from our neighbors that look out over our back yard. I also sometimes cut the bamboo stalks and use them for supporting heavy fruit tree branches and use it as poles for our beans. I’ve been reading on the internet today about making spinning fiber from bamboo. I can’t find specifics on it, and most manufacturers use lye and similar chemicals. I did find a reference to processing it like flax by retting it. I may try it sometime. I have a flax spinning wheel I inherited form my great great grandmother from northern Sweden. I would love to try to spin flax on it sometime and may be able to spin bamboo fiber with it as well. I, of course, have too many plans and not enough time. So this idea will be on the back burner for a while, I imagine.

2008-02-14 00:38:39 GMT
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Bamboo is very tenacious (I’m real bad without a spell checker) and can take over an area. Do you have the very tall kind? Makes great fishin poles. Anyway, it can take over the barnyard unless you have pandas to eat it.

2008-02-14 15:48:37 GMT


So far the pheasants have taken out most of the plants I planted. I’m not too worried about it in there.

2008-02-15 01:19:25 GMT

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