Pheasants and fruit trees

Pheasants and fruit trees
Today I did the usual animal chores in the cold wet mud. It’s quite pleasant trying to walk through or push a cart through the stuff. Some of it is getting knee deep. Can’t wait until spring!~

I did manage to catch our two melanistic mutant pheasant hens and put them in a pen with one of our ringneck pheasants. Spring will be here soon and hopefully we’ll be able to hatch pheasant eggs again. We also have our red golden rooster in with our ringneck hens.

Then I pruned almost the entire orchard. We have cider apple, dessert apple, pear, asian pear, plum, cherry, and peach trees that need significant pruning every year. Some came with the place and are quite large, Some came back after a beaver had taken them down. And quite a few we planted ourselves and they are just starting to come to size and produce fruit. I wasn’t able to find the time, energy or light to prune our golden egg plum tree. It is huge! I’m thinking about using a hacksaw this year!

2008-02-07 01:20:09 GMT
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Mmmm, the listing of all your different types of fruit trees made my mouth water!
–Michelle at Boulderneigh

2008-02-07 02:15:29 GMT


Boy you’ve been a busy beaver! It’s a good thing we’ve got The Shepherd around here – He does all the work! T.
–Tina T-P

2008-02-10 20:51:21 GMT


I am really wanting spring to be here- the orchard will start blossoming and fruit won;t be far behind. I did see crocus coming up in the yard today so there’s hope!
I’m not sure I’m a busy beaver- I just use Wednesdays to get farm work done and I knew I was at the end of the pruning time so had to get it done. I still haven’t gotten to the huge plum tree though- it may not get pruned this year.

2008-02-14 00:54:24 GMT

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