Kid pullin’

Kid pullin’
I went to Ellensburg yesterday while Tom stayed home to get chores done and watch our pregnant doe Cally who looked like we would deliver any time. He was checking on her through the day and went to run some errands and came home, and she went into labor. She wasn’t making much progress, and there were only two feet out. Tom tried to pull but wasn’t making much progress as his hands are too big to fit inside. He lubed up really good and move the kid’s nose a little. Between this and the lube Cally was able to push him out. Tom named him Casey, and he’s a cutey. He seems to be doing well, and I had photos send to me on my cell phone. After the fact I found a voice mail message that Cally wasn’t making much progress, and he was trying to pull. Somehow I missed that call but received the one that he was born and everyone was fine. Pretty exiting for a late winter’s sunny day!

Now we have one more to deliver, and she doesn’t look too close- but I’ve learned they can fool you. So I’m still doing 2AM checks and very tired. It also looks like Tom will go to Ellensburg this weekend, and I’ll stay home to goat sit- life on the farm!

2008-03-07 03:52:09 GMT
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See? I miss a bit and look at all the entries to catch up on! 🙂 We don’t start lambing here until mid-April. That’s usually between “Icy cold” and “Flies” for this area. At least the 4-5 ft. of snow is melting off of the pasture. No grass yet, but I know it will start turning green IF we stay warm.
It was great reading about your experiences this year…is everyone done now?

2008-03-07 22:28:20 GMT


We aren’t lambing until May this year. All the goats are done- we are just waiting for the cow!

2008-03-20 00:27:58 GMT

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