Snowy April

The above photos are from our farm this morning- snow on the the orchard, then on blossoms on the cherry tree then on the tilled garden.  It’s discouraging, and for us it’s costly. This is because we are having to buy hay at $9 for 65# bales and feeding 1.5 bales per day since there’s very little grass growing in this cold, darker weather.  Normally we aren’t feeding hay this time of year.

Today I went with Tom for a road trip to Olalla- I’ve been cooped up in the house for over 2 weeks healing my back and am going crazy.  So I got to sit in the truck for 6 hours while we went there and back to pick up the llama stanchion below.  It’ll be very nice to have for trimming the llamas’ toes as well as for shots and shearing.  Hopefully I’ll never be kicked by a llama again trying to give a tetanus shot!
After we got back we put up a electric net fence in the back and now have most of the goats and sheep out there eating what grass grew there and blackberry leaf sprouts.  So today we only had to feed 2/3 of a bale- it’s better anyway!
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2 Responses to Snowy April

  1. Kathy says:

    Donna…don’t feel so bad about the hay…a 65 lb. bale of grass hay here is now going for over $19.00/bale! I have had to switch to grass hay pellets, giving the sheep a handful of hay to keep them happy, but mostly pellets which don’t blow away, have dust and mold or just plain poor quality. It’s been a bad season for hay here as all the grass hay has to be shipped in from other states. AZ grows alfalfa – used as a rotation crop between cotton crops, but no grass hay. It’s trucked in from CA, NV, UT, or CO.

  2. Donna says:

    Wow- I guess I won’t complain. We finally have enough grass growing (barely) for everyone so no more hay buying until we put up on 16 tons for the winter!

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