Taking it easy?

Today I was supposed to take it easy.  I finally made it back for a full day of work yesterday so want to keep my back happy.  I started off well- balancing the checking account, letting the roomba vacuum, folding clothes, etc.  Then I let the sheep and goats out back, checked the fence and then planted some seeds- carrot, swiss chard, beet and parsnip.  I planted some sunflower seeds in pots and brought them into the house.  So far, so good.  Then I started a fire in the wood-stove in the trailer,put away some cleaned bottles (for this next year’s cider) and did some recycling- still OK.  Then I went to feed the critters.  I caught the pregnant and old sheep in a pen and trimmed the hooves of the old, skinny sheep (one of them is above) as well as worming them and giving them their yearly CDT shots.  Since there as only four of them my back only complained a little.  Then I dumped out the duck pond’s water and refilled it- not too heavy, and I was careful about body mechanics.  Then I put out some grain and as able to catch all the does and kids except one to give them their coccidiosis medicine- all but one- little Mars wouldn’t fall for it so I had to chase him down and catch him.  Then I pulled the cart with 1/2 bale of hay through the pastures and mud-holes at the gates to entice the rams into a new pasture and then the cows into another.  The two calves did not follow their mothers so I tried twice to show them the gate to no avail.  I had to pull the empty water trough to the new pasture, but it wasn’t too heavy and I didn’t lift it.  So I tried to be good- my back is a little sore, but a hot bath helped a lot- we’ll see what tomorrow morning brings.

I did finally manage to get a photo of our peacock showing off- usually he puts his feathers down before I can get my camera ready.  It still isn’t in the sunshine but he still looks handsome. 
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4 Responses to Taking it easy?

  1. Michelle says:

    Goodness, if that is being “good,” I’d hate to hear what you do to your back when you’re NOT careful!

  2. Donna says:

    I’m trying- it’s so hard when there’s so much to do. But my back is still OK (not great, but OK).

  3. Kathy says:

    You sound like me, Donna! I had to promise the neurosurgeon that I wouldn’t “sling sheep” (his words)around after my back surgery. Yeah…well…you know how THAT goes. LOL!I also get to the point where I’m tired of “taking it easy” and just have to do things. I still have, and will have, problems with the back but at least the pain is bearable now.Just try to remember to: limit the amount of weight you carry (yeah, right Lady! Tell that to a grocery bagger); walk; try not to do anything too long (I have to use a timer sometimes to remind myself to quit something and take a break);and BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!!! 🙂

  4. Donna says:

    Great advice from one who knows.Thanks!

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