Sick goat and lamb decisions

This is what a sick goat (or sheep for that matter) looks like.  This is Hannah, our Pygora goat. I found her like this this morning when I went to do the animal chores.  She’s isolating herself from the other animals, has her head held low, and her ears are drooping.  Her temperature was 106.1, and she likely has pneumonia.  I treated her with antibiotics and probiotics.  She was due for copper and worming so I did those as well.  She ate some treats for me and seems well hydrated.  So we’ll see how she does.
This is Barney and Bambam being cute.  Today I am supposed to band the ram lambs destined to be wethers and keep intact those destined to be rams.  It’s so hard to decide this early.  I thought I had it all worked out- I would keep Bambam and Dewey intact because I think they’ll have mioget wool and band Barney and Huey.  But Barney has only one testicle down so I want to give him some more time.  And Dewey is way too friendly to be a ram- he’d be much better as a wether.  But Huey’s color isn’t as pretty.  So what to do.  I am waiting for Tom to get home because I need his help banding anyway.  The other options are to keep everyone intact for now and do surgical castration (which costs a bit of money at the vet) or Burdizzo (which I have never done before and sounds scary).  So I may stick with my original plan (or maybe band Dewey and not Huey).  Decisions, decisions….

Sorry about the post below.  I just found out how to do the “Pay Now” thing with Paypal, and my usual web site ( won’t let me use Html (with a Mac) so the only place I could try it out was here.  
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