Weaning kids and freeing lambs

First of all look at the photo below compared to the one on the prior blog.  This is what a healthy goat looks like.  Hannah, our older Pygora goat, is doing much better.  I am definitely thinking it was pneumonia given our recent weather, her symptoms, and how quickly she recovered.  In my experience if you do not treat pneumonia right away, they die fast.  So I am so glad things worked out this time!

Today it was past due to wean the three remaining goat kids.  They are 2.5 to 3 months old and plenty well nourished.  They, of course, would tend to disagree.  
I let the lambs out of their lambing pens today.  It is plenty wet and somewhat muddy out, but it’s better than being cooped up.  It’s a nervous experience for them being out for the first time- but they settled down quickly and are copying their mothers’ behaviors.  It’s quite cute!
Finally, I finally got invited (after 2 days of waiting) to Ravelry.  So I spent a good portion of the day taking photos of my fiber stash as well as previous and current knitting projects and posting them on this site.  I still haven’t explored much on the site, but at the very least it should be a way I can organize my previous and future fiber projects and a nice way to share information.  The link to my progress so far (for those in Ravelry) is:

For those not in Ravelry you can check out my Flickr photos at:
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