Chicken rental and donkey hoof trimming

First thing in the morning Carol returned three hens she had rented from me.  At least once per year she takes some hen down to Seattle and spoils them rotten.  She gets the freshest eggs possible, table scrap consumption, an overly weeded garden, and entertainment.  I get paid a little, and the hens get a nice vacation.  So Rosie (the hen pictured), Summer and Flag came back into the mix today.

After welcoming the hens back it was time to trim the donkey hooves.  I tried to use the llama stanchion again to try to hold the donkeys still while I trimmed their hooves.  I’ve gone through two farriers now and am on my own.  I’ve read up and observed the farriers trimming hooves but it’s harder than it looks, particularly since I don’t have any help holding the donkeys still.  So I tried the stanchion- doesn’t Olivia look happy?  It worked to some extent.  Neither donkey was thrilled, but we all made it through the experience without any injuries and hopefully no sore feelings.

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