More fall projects

Wednesday we did more fun fall farm projects!  Tom picked up some free concrete chunks from old Edison, and we drove these into the field and placed them near one of our main gates to try to stabilize the soil there and prevent a large mud bog (like last winter’s).  Tom picked up the firewood that was leftover from out tree felling/chipping day and brought them to our wood pile to be split and stacked (later!).  I worked on animal stuff.  After we were done we went boot shopping!  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but last year’s two sets of boots (one of each pair on the right in the photo) have deep gouges through the neoprene leg, and each has a nail hole through the sole.  So we went to Oliver Hammer fall sale, and each decided on the same boots (Tom’s are a little bigger than mine).  They are all rubber (no gougable neoprene this year) and have thick soles.  Hopefully they will last at least one year!

 Thursday I worked while Tom worked on his car.

Today we worked on the back ditch.  On the far east of our back ditch line the silt and blackberries had overgrown our ditch and cause it to back up and overflow onto one of our fields last winter.  So we went out there today with machetes and shovels (and the tractor!) and got it dug out again.  While Tom was doing the tractor work I picked some fruit in the orchard, did the animals chores and unloaded the feed sacks from the truck.  This is on top of cleaning up the house this morning and doing dishes.  Plenty of exercise for the day- wouldn’t you say?
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