Dog toy and new pheasant pen

Yesterday Tom was taking a motorcycle driving test so I was on my own.  I spent a lot of the morning cleaning and doing computer stuff.  This included laundry and so I washed the wool thrums (leftover small lengths of yarn from weaving).  This makes a ring of felted wool with bits of yarn coming out.  It makes a great dog toy; for tug-of-war and just carrying around thinking you’re cool.

Then I went to the barn.  I cleaned out the pen in the back of the feed shed and moved two of the pheasants there.  They had been sharing a pen with rabbits and don’t think they were thrilled with the arrangement.  They have a little less room, but it’s not shared, and it’s warmer and lighter.  
When I was done with the animal chores Tom came home, and we cleaned the gutters and used plastic weld to fix cracks in a large (300 gallon) water container we have.  I like to have this container full of water in case our well pump every goes out.  That way we should have water for the animals to drink while we are fixing it.
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  1. Tina T-P says:

    Nice new boots – those will keep your feet dry for sure! Otherwise, it sounds like way too much work LOL. T.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks for the compliment on the boots. My back is telling me that it’s too much work also.

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