Shetland wool for sale

I just came to realize that I have wool available for sale.  I am not used to having fall shearing and then wool available this time of year.  So here goes:

This above is the roving from our musket and moorit Shetland sheep- Daphnie, Lou, Hansel and Lily. I carefully sheared the wool from the sheep, then dried and skirted them. I sent them to Z-wool in Michigan for processing. They do an excellent job and this light brown roving is very high quality. It’s available for sale for $30 per pound- there’s 2# total left. This is roving processed by Z-wool from our Shetland sheep- Suzette, Monette, Darwin, Jenny, and Reuben. These sheep were well cared for to produce excellent wool and then their fleeces were carefully shorn from the sheep, dried and then well skirted to produce 9.5 pounds of wool. This was then washed, picked and carded by Z-wool to make 3.75 pounds left of gorgeous grey roving. It is available for $30 per pound.These are the fall fleeces off of our Shetland rams, Comet and Mortimer. They have soft light grey fleeces with little crimp. They will spin up into very nice soft yarn. They are available after drying and skirting for $10 per pound.This is the fall fleece of of our moorit wether Hazelnut. He has an absolutely gorgeous, crimpy, soft, warm brown fleece that will spin up into lovely, richly colored fine yarn. After drying and skirting his fleece is available for $10/pound.This is the fall fleece off of our Shetland ram Monty. It is a black fleece with medium fineness and dark consistent color. It will spin up into a black medium yarn. After drying and skirting it is available for $10/pound.
These are the fall fleeces off of our Shetland ewes, Wink and Wilma. They are mother and daughter, and it shows.   They both have a gorgeous golden brown (mioget), double coated, long fleece. This wool is striking in it’s unusual color and softness. It will spin up into a lovely, soft, golden yarn- great for warm socks. After drying and skirting it is available for $10/pound.

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