Splitting wood (belatedly)

So I finally found time (and no excuses) to split the wood from the tree felling day.  This should have been done before the rains came- oh well.  Tom was at work today (yeah- he’s no longer laid off!) so I went to it.  I used this wood splitter that I love- even this middle aged, overweight woman with poor coordination and a bad back can split wood with it. 

I split wood for one hour and then did animal chores for two.  The sun was out, and our red golden pheasant was gorgeously iridescent in the sunbeams- the photo doesn’t do him justice.
Then I had lunch and split the rest of the wood over 2 hours.
Then I took a long hot bath!

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4 Responses to Splitting wood (belatedly)

  1. Franna says:

    …and what is this magic wood splitter for the rest of us???– Franna

  2. Donna says:

    It’s that slide orange splitter in the first photo. I’ve had it since I was a teenager so do not remember where I got it from. I’ll email Al- he’ll probably remember as we have one at the cabin too. I remember my great-grampa Merv using it to split wood when he was close to 80!

  3. Donna says:

    Al thinks we bought them from Plow and Hearth, but they do not have them anymore. We were concerned they do not make them because all we could find were different ones (with bad reviews), but I think I found the original at:http://www.wikco.com/LSM78.htmlThere’s a better photo at:http://www.logsplitter.com/Qstore/p000005.htmI would not call it “magic” but it sure helps me split wood easier.

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