Personal record largest (and exhaustingest) cider pressing

So we finally found time to press cider. We have apples from our orchard and donated from a neighbor’s- John’s. We had two large garden carts full. We started in the morning but as you can tell from the photo it extended into the evening. Here’s our back-porch operation:
We pressed enough for five 5-gallon carboys!. We pressed these apples and then added crabapple juice we had pressed before to fill these carboys- there was a total of 5 gallons of crab apple juice so we should have plenty of tannins in our cider this year.

Then we moved the carboys into the house, let the cider warm somewhat closer to room temperature and added the yeast and the air stops. Our entire bodies hurt, and we are tired. So we cleaned up and went out to dinner. We will add the sugar in small aliquots later as there is not a lot of room in these carboys for fermentation. We will try to take it slow.

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2 Responses to Personal record largest (and exhaustingest) cider pressing

  1. Dave says:

    25 Gallons!!! Wow, should be lots of happy juice flowing next year ­čÖé

  2. Donna says:

    Closer to 22 gallons as the carboys aren’t full (and hopefully aren’t too full to allow for fermentation). Now I am worried we do not have enough bottles for all of this cider. I rummaged through the recycling bin yesterday and pulled out some old cider bottles and washed them yesterday just to add to our stash. We will have to swap cider bottles when bottling is done!

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