Good/Not So Good pets & More Visitors

This weekend we had examples of good and not so good pets.  First, a good pet.  This is Missy, a cat I inherited from my grandfather when he died.  She quickly adopted the barn as her home and especially likes the hay mound.  This morning I found her sleeping in the mound with a dead deer mouse laying next to her.  Good girl!  She not only is keeping vermin from the barn but protecting us from hantavirus.  She received extra pettings for this.

This is an example of not so good pets.  We found our pump house fairly well tore up.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but there’s a large hole in the plywood, many of the furring strips are tore off, and there’s a dug hole in the ground as well.  Another wall looks just as bad.  Inside the pumphouse we found a dead mouse and a dead rat.  So it’s good the dogs were going after vermin but not so good they destroyed the pumphouse in the process.  So not so good pets.  No extra petting today and extra chores for us fixing the damage.
One more good pet- this is a photo of Vanessa waiting patiently for us to finish with barn chores at the gate.  She is our best dog, causes us no trouble and definitely knows not to go in the gate.  She’s a pound dog we adopted a few years back who looks like a purebred Chesapeake Bay retriever.  

Now more visitors. Alta came by with three of her ewes to be bred with Lewis.  There’s Emma in front with amazing fawn fleece, Syd the dark grey ewe in the middle, and then Buttercup, the moorit ewe who originally came from us.
Then there’s Krista who brought over April and Minnie to be bred with our spotted buck Yahoo.
And finally Boris, the buckskin wether eating hay, who couldn’t be left alone while April and Minnie are “visiting”.  So for one bale of hay he gets to hang out here too.

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