Busy morning

So I have had a long morning.  I was concerned about Angie, our boringly named Angora doe, all night.  She was standing all night, squatting frequently, and showing a lot of movement over her uterus but never showed signs of contractions or a water bag.  So finally this morning I examined her and thought I felt a head but no water bag.  Then I got really concerned and watched her for 30 minutes.  No progress so then I examined her again- this time I felt two sets of front feet and they both felt like they were in a bag with water.  So then Ifelt a little better, left her for another 30 minutes during which time she finally starting contracting.  Here’s a photo of her just before she delivered- I have never seen a goat so huge.

Then she delivered her fist kid- it looks to be a dark brown doeling  but there’s a patch of missing skin on her side.  I do not think my exams should have caused this.  I know that with people you can have cutis aplasia, but it looks  more like an injury to me.  I am just not sure how she could have been injured like this.
Then Angie delivered her second kid, and it’s what I have always wanted- a red fiber goat!  I have been coveting red Angora goats for a long time but never found one for sale.  I have tried now three times to breed Angie to produce a red kid and have gotten black and brown instead.  So I am absolutely thrilled.  It’s a little buckling so that leads to the decision of whether to keep him intact or not.  I do not see a need at his time to breed him in my herd but at least I have some weeks to decide what to do.
Angie took good care of both of them, but they could not figure out how to nurse so finally I milked one side out and bottle fed Mr. D. (the red buckling).  While I was doing this Lady Jane (the brown doeling) figured out how to latch on with a little help.  So both should be just fine.  

I was surprised Angie only had two kids but since each one is about 3 times the size of Saphie’s kids that probably explains Angie’s large abdomen.  I took more photos when they were dried off and cuter, but I guess they did not come out.  I will eat some breakfast and try again.  Sleep deprivation is not a wonderful thing.  I will post their new photos on the goat web page at


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  1. Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras says:

    Oh My Gosh Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks- I defnitely am too- much better photos on the goat web page though!

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