Kidding goes out with a bang!

So kidding has ended here for the year with Patches producing quads!  I had bought a barn cam with a birthday gift card.  I had been to the barn about one hour prior but then noticed on the computer screen that Patches was licking something on the ground.  So I went out to the barn and found she had quads.  Initially one looked a little droopy so I dried them all, dipped their cords and got them all to nurse.  Looks like they will all do well.  I will get better photos of them tomorrow and post them on the goat web page at

There’s Alla, a black and mahogany buckskin doeling with white on her face, forehead, foot and side.  She appears to be polled.  We are planning on keeping her to preserve Patches and her mother Paloma’s genetics.
Then there’s J. P., a white, spotted buckling.  It appears that he is not polled.  He will be sold as an intact AGS registered buckling.Then there’s Tikey, a mahogany buckling with a white belt over his back and a large stripe on his face.  He will be available as a wether.
Finally there’s little Paddy.  She is mahogany with a white star.  She appears to be polled.  She will be available as a doeling.
That brings the grand total to 17 kids with two sets of quads (the first time we have ever had quads).  To refresh we also have Zeus and Athena,
Fannie Mae,

Lady Jane and Mr. D. (who like to hang out in  the hay feeder),

Mindy (who likes to sleep behind this post),
Mork and Mearth (spazing out on the pallet),
Sherlock, Sophia, Shortcake and Sugar Mag,
and finally Pee Wee.

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2 Responses to Kidding goes out with a bang!

  1. HisTek says:

    WOW!! you have been really blessed with kids this year! It must be really fun out there in the barn watching all of their antics. Way to go!.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks! We have never had this many before. I now have the barn cam watching the kids play- quite cute.

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