Even more lambs, a greenhouse and Pee Wee

At 1:15 this morning I heard yelling from the barn on the baby monitor.  So I headed out there and found Monette pushing hard and part of feet and head out.  So I pulled and delivered this gorgeous grey ram lamb I am calling Rhett.

It took her almost 45 minutes to delivery the second lamb- this grey ewe lamb I am calling Scarlett.
Both were cleaned, dried, dipped, stood and nursed without difficulty.  I am thinking the baby monitor may have saved another lamb.  Below are better photos of Daphnie’s lambs born yesterday- Dinah
and Dixie.
During this time Tom has been building me a greenhouse out of old windows that were left here by the previous owners.  Some are probably from the 1940’s and others the 1970’s.  All are wood.  Some have broken seals, and some have some wood rot, but they all would work for a greenhouse.  Yesterday he is almost finished with the walls and roof- just a few holes to patch over- and he is working on bricking in the floor.  We have old bricks from a demolished building in Whatcom county which should work great as well as sand left over from our sand bags from flooding.  So anyway, here’s a photo of my new greenhouse!Finally I have some cute Pee Wee photos.  She no longer needs a heated towel to stay warm but still can only be out in the barn in the day time a few hours.  She is on a bottle with goat milk and wears a diaper in the house.  She is getting quite adept at using our furniture and shoes to pull the diaper off though.

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4 Responses to Even more lambs, a greenhouse and Pee Wee

  1. Krista Murphy, Hens and Friends Farm says:

    PeeWee is so cute! How much did she weigh, any idea? Love the diaper, that is a crack up.
    Congrats on more lambs, I am getting jealous and want more babies around here.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks- last time we checked her weight it was 1# 6 ounces. I need to weigh her again to see how much she’s gaining- have to take the diaper off first!

  3. North Star Shetlands says:

    Too cute baby! Gotta love Nigerians!

  4. Donna says:

    She is cute but a handful.. The Shetlands are cute though too, aren’t they?

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