Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Jennifer G says:

    hey, I was at the parade too. I was doing research on multimin and your blog came up. and then, we are both in skagit valley. I am in W. mount vernon. Where do you go to get your prescription for the multimin? do you have to have one? Thanks! Jennifer (I have goats but I was reading that cattle multimin is the way to go. how is it working for you?) What other minerals/supplements do you use? do you use kelp too w/ the multimin? I am new to goats ­čÖé

  2. Donna says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Small world huh?
    With the Multimin my copper levels normalized but my zinc levels are way to high (all based on liver analysis). So our latest plan is to halve the dose of cattle Multimin and give Copasure in capsule boluses to supplement the copper only. Our situation is a little unique in that our soil is very peaty (near the Samish River) and our molybdenum levels inhibit copper absorbtion here.

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