More blueberry and barn progress

So yesterday before it got too hot I picked more blueberries. Two days prior I had picked a third of the bush but some of this area already had ripened blueberries only two day later. So I spent time in the heat again picking blueberries. It’s the everlasting blueberry bush. I filled our large sieve up this time.

Then yesterday and today Tom and I worked on the barn remodel. I finished taking down the tin and wood supports on the center section we are replacing while Tom dug holes with the auger and tractor, placed the poles, and cemented them in.
Here he is explaining how easily the last of the 4 poles went in, and you can also see all the tin finally gone. After this we headed to the hardware store for beams, hangers and more cement. Tomorrow hopefully we will get more poles planted and be able to remove the worthless center poles that have almost all rotted out at ground level.
INJURY REPORT: Much more minor- I tapped a finger with the hammer- it hurt briefly. And I was nettled again on the ankle. They say bee stings help with arthritis. So if nettle stings help with anything I am golden. I have definitely relearned to use eye protection, but I guess not ankle protection.

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