Barn and rabbit hutch progress

So yesterday while I was at work Tom was able to get the joists for the hay loft started and pulled down the old rotten center poles.

So this morning when I got home from work I started add more joist hangers in preparation for more joists. After I had screwed in 4 more I noticed that the screw box fine print said “not for structural use”. Now when we were shopping we were going to buy the correct nails but the Home Depot sales guy convinced us that screws were better. Then Tom’s dad called saying he was back at our house wanting to borrow the buffer and where were we? So we grabbed some screw of the correct dimensions, checked out and headed home. So longer story a little shorter, we bought deck screws. So now I had to remove about 64 of the screws and replace them with the nails we had wanted to buy in the first place. Of course we ran short of these nails (since there was a reason we wanted to buy more) so Tom had to go back to Home Depot to get the nails we originally wanted to buy. Now I can blame the sales guy, our carelessness, or my father-in-law for this extra work.

There are problems with trying to do construction amongst animals. They knock over ladders and tool boxes, they grab and nibble on things, and you really have to be careful with power tools. You also have to be careful to pick up every fallen nail or screw since they can eat it and die from it. Lastly, you have to be careful with wet cement. They like to leave their hoof prints there.
Finally, the first section of the hay loft is done! Tom got up the ladder first to be the first ever in the new loft.
Here’s the view of some of our property from the loft.
Here’s another view. Tom is talking about making an office for me on this area of the loft with a couch, fridge, microwave, couch (for lambing season). I am not sure it’ll ever happen, but it’s nice to dream. Of course, the hay loft will be enclosed, but we plan on putting in windows for light, ventilation and maybe even views.
This hen acts like she wants to help out.
While Tom was at the hardware store, after I did the animal chores I decided to finally fix up one of the 4 rabbit hutches I have been trying to find time for all summer. So I tore off the rotten wood, repaired the rusted out screen, paint it and added fiberglass roof panels. It looks 1000 times better and hopefully will last longer now.
INJURY REPORT: Tom’s left knee is hurting from going up and down the ladder so much. He also has major blisters on his hands from wearing out all of his gloves. I managed to hit my fingernail with a hammer (I guess I am a menace with hammers). The nail is bruising up but not to the point where I have to perform a hematoma evacuation on myself (I have in the past). Finally, not sure if this counts as an injury, but I got white paint in my hair painting the hutch. I am desperately trying to get it out of my hair before work tomorrow morning.
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6 Responses to Barn and rabbit hutch progress

  1. Nancy K. says:

    Wow, you guys are a hardworking team! The view from the loft is spectacular! It seems a waste to close it in and fill it with hay ~ I vote YES to your studio!

    Nice job on the rabbit hutch!

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks Nancy for all the positive comments. It does seem a shame to enclose it but we want to get our hay higher since we almost lost 8 tons to flooding last year. So hay takes priority over views, I am afraid.

  3. HisTek says:

    You and Tom are very industrious and have more energy than I! I love the picture of the post in cement with hoof prints in it. It’s cute. Hay in the hay loft is practical especially in flood prone areas. So just add another story for your office. (HaHa).


  4. Donna says:

    Tom says Ha Ha back. We are not feeling very industrious or energetic right now. And the progress feels slow, but we are making progress. This morning it’s raining which means it’s cooler, but the wood will be slippery, the dry cement needs to be protected and the hay is growing quicker across the street. So we need to get a move on – after a cup of coffee that is.

  5. sheepsclothing says:

    The hoofprint in the cement is really funny. Darn kids ­čÖé

    Nice work, guys! It’ll all be worth it when you’re done and you can sit back and admire your handiwork.

  6. Donna says:

    Yes, darn kids!

    We will be happy too- not sure when that will be though!

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