Even more barn progress

So we continue to make progress on our barn repair project. Here’s the tenth pole up:

Here’s some more joists up:
Here’s the hay loft floor 5/6th of the way done:
Here’s the twelfth and last pole up.
Here’s the last of the goat prints in wet cement (it is interesting that the chickens, turkey and geese never leave foot prints in the wet cement and the goats and sheep always do):
Here’s some new fencing we had to put up since our barn door is going to be larger (between the two poles):

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2 Responses to Even more barn progress

  1. Dave says:

    Looking good !!! You guys wanna come help us build things on our new place??? (But no hammer for you Donna !!! ) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks Dave! I think you guys are making much better progress and doing better work than we are. Our barn may not be pretty but it should be sturdy!

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