If it’s not one thing….

Things keep getting in the way of our working on the barn. First was that when I went to catch our new buck in his quarantine pen to trim his hooves and deworm him, I found out he can jump over our pen’s door. So he was loose among the goats for quite a while, and I was chasing him around, devising tricks to catch him. After banging my knee pretty good and getting plenty of exercise, I finally caught him after about an hour. Then I drug him back to the pan, put him in the stanchion, and nailed more wood above the door.
The next day, I noticed Lou’s broken horn was oozing quite a bit of blood. I did not want him to bleed out slowly so I caught him, trimmed the tissue, used blood stop and pressure for quite a while. No luck there. and I managed to get soaked with his blood. Finally I went to the house, scavenged our first aid kits and devised a pressure bandage which seems to be working. Good thing too because the next plan was cauterizing it, no fun for either of us.

Next day this storm came a brewing. Slowed progress on the barn even more.
This is one wall of the hay loft we managed to get up despite all the delays.
Here’s a view from the outside:
No much progress, huh?

I forgot to include the INJURY REPORT: On top of the bruised knee mentioned above, I have managed to cut myself three times (nothing major) on the edges of the tin sheets. I thought without a hammer I couldn’t hurt myself, but I was wrong. The klutz strikes again.
The east wall of the hay loft is done! Doesn’t look like much, but it’ll keep the rain and wind out,
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5 Responses to If it’s not one thing….

  1. Nancy K. says:

    It’s coming!
    Remember what it was like at this time LAST year???


    Have a nice weekend…

  2. Gail V says:

    Ohh, don’t be so negative. Look at that great new wall!
    Okay, sometimes it’s just a lot of work!

  3. Donna says:

    Thanks Nancy and Gail,
    It’s just that 9 months of rain is about to start, and I want to protect our hay. At least I am reasonably confident the roof won’t collapse! Now I am heading out to work on it some more and hopefully get one wall done, baring any animal events because I can tell out the window that there’s no storm a brewing.

  4. roundaboutacres says:

    I hope things are better now – a few days later. It is always frustrating when daily life gets in the way of what we hope to accomplish. 🙂

  5. Donna says:

    Now work is getting in the way of working on the barn but that’s more acceptable to me. Now I have the animals to attend to (winterizing- the next blog entry) so the barn is on hold yet again….

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