Barn progress

Tom and I (actually mostly Tom) are making great progress on the hay loft. Here’s the south wall that Tom and his kid finished with a largish door for hay.

Here’s the west wall that I framed and put windows in.
Here it is after Tom put the metal on.
And here’s the north wall that Tom framed in a placed a window and a door. We just need to put the metal up yet.
So we are almost done with the hay loft!!! It just needs some trim and flashing. The downstairs needs quite a bit of wall replacement and some pole replacement done. But we are probably going to take a little break before we tackle that.

This is just a cute photo of our barn cat Missy hanging out on the manure spreader.
INJURY UPDATE: Both of us have unexplained bruises. My biggest issue now is that my right elbow is quite inflamed; I am guessing this is from all the hammering. It is now to the point that I cannot hold up a full cup of coffee. So we are going to take a week off from the barn and heal.
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  1. Christine says:

    We’re working on our barn too. Where did you get the metal for yours? We haven’t had a lot of luck finding some.

  2. Donna says:

    Ours was recycled from a building of my husband’s uncle’s neighbor. It is in surprisingly good shape so hopefully it will last.

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