Finished hay loft and other chores

Without any fanfare, we finally finished the hay loft! Tom put up the last of the metal on Saturday while I was at work. We need to replace half of the barn’s original walls next, but we are going to wait and recuperate a bit first. We do not think these walls are in eminent danger of collapsing.

So now back to our regular scheduled programming.

I finally got a chance to can pears this morning. A stump when we bought the place thanks to a beaver is now producing lots of gorgeous large pears. Most of them have ripened so I canned them today before they became overripe.
And then this afternoon I finally cleaned out one of the barn pens. This is usually a summer chore but was delayed because of barn construction. I managed to clean out this deep pen all by myself and overfill the manure spreader. Two more pens to go (one of which can be done with a tractor).
Meanwhile Tom went and got farm supplies and then worked on very overdue fence repairs. Next on the agenda is cider pressing!
And no more injury updates needed as construction season is over!!!!
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2 Responses to Finished hay loft and other chores

  1. KathyB. says:

    Looks like a very productive weekend. The hay loft is wonderful, I am jealous.I would love a barn even without a hay loft!

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks Kathy,
    I hope you will have a barn too!

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