New sheep and breed

Meet Dete

Unfortunately since it is still breeding season (until the 26th) I do not have a pen free to keep my new Cotswold ewe Dete in quarantine.  So she is put in with my skinny old Shetland sheep.  This is the introduction.  Ebony (our incredibly skinny old sheep) is bashing her, but I do not think Dete can even feel it.  She just looks a little confused.  I am not sure Ebony’s going to be able to show Dete her place in the flock.

I purchased Dete from Nancy Wilkinson.  She’s been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and is trying to cut down on her flock of Cotswolds.  I have always wanted either a Lincoln or Cotswold, and Tom had already agreed to let me get one so it all worked out.  I went over to Nancy’s fully expecting to get a colored one.  I am not planning on breeding so wool and personality are more issues for me.  But Dete’s wool is SO nice and she’s quite friendly that I chose her instead.  And since I have only one other white sheep, it makes sense.  I think it was hard for Nancy to stay “bye” since she’s one of Nancy’s favorites too, but Dete’s not breeding quality, and Nancy has to cut down.  It is sad though, but Dete gets a nice new flock, I get a nice new sheep (with lovely wool), and Nancy has less work to deal with.

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