Reading (not necessarily farm related)

I having been reading some blogs discussing books and showing what is on the nightstand.  So I thought this was an interesting topic and demonstrates a person’s interests.  So I am not sure what my nightstand says about me.

I have fiber books, Shetland/Iceland books, local regional history books, as well as books about  humor, animals, and the blues.  Two of the books have been there most than 10 years and are on the far right.  I think I am intimidated by their size, but they also stay on the nightstand because I do have an ongoing interest in them.  The tattered and torn Sacagawea book has been on my nightstand almost 20 years!  I bought it quite used at a bookstore in Ketchikan…I will definitely read it someday!

I just finished a great book!

The White Cascade is a non-fiction book about the Great Northern Railway Avalanche that happened on Steven’s Pass here in Washington State 100 years ago almost exactly (the anniversary will be March 1st).  My parents know about this, but I didn’t know much.  The book is fascinating.  It describes the people involved quite well including their thoughts and actions for the WEEK while they were trapped on this pass before the avalanche actually happened.  There are chapters involving the history of railroads and railroad culture as well as the Northwest.  James Hill is featured prominently, of course, but also government officials and the legal aftermath.  This was a real page-turner and learning experience.

These are books I have recently read.  You can see an eclectic mix of my reading tastes.

I will say though that I have largely gotten away from fiction.  I find non-fiction much more interesting now.  In the past I have been in phases of reading cultural fiction, women’s history, short stories, classic fiction, humor, and genealogy.  My library will bear witness to all of this.  It will be interesting to see how my tastes change as time goes on.  I am not sure what this all says about me, maybe I have matured, maybe I just get bored and flit from thing to thing, I don’t know.  I do know I wish I had more time for reading though.  That is what my nightstand is telling me anyway!

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