Ready for Shearing

So today I got things ready for shearing tomorrow.  Just to make life more interesting I decided to fall out of the feed shed striking my left forearm on the cart’s handle.  Conveniently there was a 100# goat standing in the cart so it didn’t simply tilt over and my arm took the full weight of my fall.  I do not think it is broken, but man it hurts.  It is swelling quickly and will be multicolored tomorrow I am sure.

So after this mishap, I moved all the sheep into a field and locked them in there.  I moved the old skinny sheep out of the barn (they do not need to be sheared as they are growing so little wool anymore).  I laid straw down in the barn and the pens.  Then I chased the rams into one of the pens.  So now they can get straw in their fleeces rather than chicken poop.

Then I moved the sheep into the barn.  Tom spent yesterday making a human sized door for the sheep side of the barn.  So I shut this door and locked them in.  I have my supplies organized and ready to go.  We will not only be shearing the sheep, but I will be trimming all their hooves, giving them their CDT shots, worming them and separating the pregnant and skinny sheep out of the flock to start graining them.

I also got three rooms swept out and organized.  This is where the wool will be laid out to dry. Then I can organize, weigh and skirt it.

I have four people coming to help out (bless their hearts!).  So I cleaned the house and back porch and have snacks and drinks ready (including cider!).  So I guess I am as ready as I will ever be for the most exhausting day of the shepherd’s year.  Now I will ice my arm.

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  1. Tammy says:

    It’s a job, isn’t it? But when it’s all over, I heave a huge sigh of relief and am so happy it’s done for another year. Of course it’s not really done…since the fleeces have to be worked, but at least the trauma of shearing is behind! Hope your arm is okay and good luck shearing.

  2. Thanks Tammy. I am sure there will be a report later today, assuming I have the time and the energy!

  3. Sounds like it was a job just getting ready to shear. Hope your arm is ok. Can’t wait to see some pictures of the sheep with their new hair cuts.

  4. My arm is a lot better than I thought. Good news for a change.

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