Olympics Final “Race”

So for those that are not aware, the Winter Olympics ended yesterday.  And here are links to some of the winners:


Couch Potato

Ravelympics Gold

See You In Sochi


Full Coverage At Eleven

The summary of my event is below (with words removed to protect the innocent).

So I spun this Yak-Merino roving with the mini-spinner I received as a present. It spun great. Then I plied it with Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi yarn. Then I knitted two ______ with it. There’s a baby shower next weekend for a co-worker who had 28 week twins. They are all doing well and I wanted something special for them. I was post-call (“tired”) the last day of the Olympics so I say in the recliner with a blanket and coffee and knit the ___ during the hockey game and the 50K classic cross country race. I dozed off here and there but managed to get the ____ done! So much for my “knitting Olympics”. Not too grueling, and I certainly did not win a gold medal. I will have to train hard for Sochi!

Photos are at Ravelry I will post them here after the shower.

(The real reason I did not hand knit more during these Olympics is that my husband bought me an antique Auto-Knitter stand. I am feeling compelled to use the Auto-knitter, but it has been long enough since I used it I am getting frustrated by the heel. The socks are coming along though and once I get the tension and weight right I should be able to make a few sets of socks. It may not justify the cost of the stand, but it will at least assuage my guilt so I can get to other fiber projects: mini-spinning and weaving are next)

ADDENDUM (3/9/10):

Here’s the photo of the hats:

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  1. Jackie Craw says:

    Congratulations on getting your_______done. I bet they are beautiful. What is sochi?

  2. That’s the next winter Olympics in 4 years!!!

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