Planting for Fruit

So today I finished planting various fruit-bearers on our property.  Tom had started a couple of days ago with eight crabapple trees:

He also planted two cider apple trees:

So today I planted 6 blueberry plants,

50 strawberries,

and four raspberries.

Because we spent so much at the nursery the strawberries and raspberries were free.  In addition for free we got a highbush cranberry,

a japanese pussywillow,

and two rosa rugosas.

On a totally different topic, I fed the last bale of hay today.

The hay is supposed to last until at least mid-March which it pretty much did.  But this means tomorrow we need to scramble to find more hay.

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10 Responses to Planting for Fruit

  1. Randy says:

    Wow. All that fruit! Sounds like a good preseve making summer! I’m coming to live with you so I can run barefoot through the pastures and eat all that fresh fruit!

    • Randy, I am not sure you want to run around barefoot with the previously mentioned nettles and blackberries not to mention poop from various critters! I will be busy in the summers though, preserving through canning, drying and fermenting!

  2. Franna Pitt says:

    WOW! You’ll be set for all kinds of ciders and wines!

    I love Rugosa Roses, too. Lovely scent and huge hips. Beware of the thorny stems, though.

  3. I am set for ciders and wines. I love Rugosas too- they are hard to kill and smell so good.

  4. sheepsclothing says:

    Quite a haul on the fruit trees! So, where do you usually buy your hay from?

    • It is quite a haul, and probably too much money too. Hopefully most of them make it.

      We normally get our hay from our neighbor across the street Brad Wyman. He has great local hay.

  5. Kathy says:

    Envy, envy, envy…

    We’re still under a couple of feet of snow – melting fast, but as our last frost date is mid-June, I doubt we’ll be able to plant much of anything until mid-May. 🙁

    We did have 50 nice strawberry plants until the elk decided they liked the strawberries better than the grasses in the pasture. (Rats with antlers) Now I have a few plants close to the house so we get a few berries throughout the summer.

    So, Donna…you’re bringing the fuit wines to Black Sheep, eh? LOL!

  6. Tammy says:

    You have been busy! What a great selection of fruit to plant. Hope all thrives and you have a great harvest when the time comes.

  7. Thanks Tammy, I hope they make it too and we have fruit galore (and even more work!)

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