Mud and hay

So Tom had brought home chunks of “free” concrete his old boss was tearing out of his property.  We use these to stabilize the mud at the gates.  It seems to work better than anything else we have found so far in our peaty soil.  So since we needed to pick up hay and the concrete chunks were on the trailer we use for hay, we were motivated to move these chunks.  Above are some of them placed at one of the gates.  Naturally we had just had a downpour so there’s extra water.

After multiple trips and a lot of heavy lifting we were left with even larger chunks of concrete still on the trailer.  Tom tried to use a sledge hammer to break it up into manageable sizes but after 20 hard hits one piece broke into two.  At this point we gave up.  We will be hiring either a son or a jack hammer to break up the rest.  And we decided to use our “snowmobile” trailer to pick up the hay.

So we went out to a farm in Lyman that had hay advertised.  It was cut, tetted and baled with horses.  The barn they had the hay in was gorgeous!  It was built in 1915 with old growth timbers.  It is in remarkably good shape and quite large.  Thankfully we have a historic barn restoration fund in our county, and the owner had used to funds to help repair and preserve this lovely structure.  So we loaded 20 bales onto this back-up trailer and got it home

And then we bought the trailer next to the hay barn to unload it.  One of our goats helped us out.

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6 Responses to Mud and hay

  1. I don’t know if goats are helpful or just nosey??lol It seems like what ever we are our doing our goat PeeWee has to put his 2 cents in.

  2. I think just nosey, and quite the opposite of helpful.

  3. Jackie Craw says:

    That old barn sounds really cool. Did you get any pictures of it?

  4. It was cool, no photos though.

  5. Teresa says:

    Glad you got more hay. I know how hard it is to find around here right now. Goats definitely know how to help–themselves at least!

    • Thanks Teresa. We have had to scramble since our hay guy only got one cutting to bales last summer as opposed to the usual three. This hay isn’t as good but they like it and we found it so it will due until the grass grows better. Hopefully soon!

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