Skirting Fleeces

So today I was able to find some time to skirt a few fleeces.  Above is Daphnie’s Shetland fleece.  Here are links to see photos of the underside of her fleece and her locks.  Her fleece has a little VM and is less dense than in the past, but it is quite soft.  It weighs 2# skirted.

Below is Miss Lizzie’s Shetland fleece.  Hers also has a little VM but has a nice color, density and softness.  Here are photos of the underside and her locks.  After skirting her fleece weighed 1# 4 ounces.

Here is Jethro’s California Red fleece.  Here are photos of the underside and his lock.  He had very low VM, nice density and size.  There were a few second cuts.  His fleece weight 3# skirted.

Here is Monette’s Shetland fleece.  She has a nice fleece with very little VM.  It is not as dense as in the past and weighs 2# skirted.  It is a nice fleece.  Here’s photos of the underside and the locks.

Here is Dete’s Cotswold fleece.  Her fleece is still moist so will continue to dry.  It is quite dense and lustrous with very little VM.  Here’s the under (cut) side and a lock.  This fleece was heavily skirted and weighs 4# 4 ounces.

This is Wink’s Shetland fleece.  She is sheared twice per year because of the length of her fleece.  This fleece is quite small (as she is quite small) but it is very soft, long, and golden.  Skirted it only weighs 8 ounces.  It has very little VM.  Here’s photos of the cut side and a lock.Here’s Hansel’s large Shetland fleece.  Unfortunately he had started to roo before shearing and some of his fleece felted too.  His fleece is gorgeous though, after skirting these parts out.  It is soft with a lovely color and nice crimp.  It has a small amount of VM and weighs 2# heavily skirted.  Here’s links to the cut side and his locks.

Finally here is Coco’s Shetland fleece.  He has nice color.  It is not as dense as previous years but has very little VM.  It weighs 2# skirted.  Here’s the flip side and locks photos.

I am planning on keeping Jethro’s California Red fleece (to send to the mill with last year’s) and Dete’s Cotswold fleece (maybe to make a rug?).  The Shetland fleeces are for sale for $10 per pound.

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  1. Mary says:

    When you skirt the fleece do you tear or cut out the chunks of twigs and dung? I’m getting a fleece from a local sheep in a few weeks and I understand the concept of skirting but I’m not sure of the process. Loved your pictures.

    • You remove the bits of straw, poop, and damaged wool. Generally the belly and butt wool goes and sometimes the neck wool too. Any part that is inconsistent with the rest is taken out.

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